Nearing Home

UPDATE!!  As of 2:10, they have officially arrived in the United States!

Our group is officially in United States airspace.  They are ahead of schedule and will land in Atlanta at 2:00 p.m. They are then scheduled to arrive in Indy at 6:19 p.m. on Delta # 2281. You can track the flight here – Delta Airlines.

Praise God for a wonderful adventure for all.

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The Long Journey Home Begins

Today the group begins their long journey home by boat, van, bus, and many airplanes. We are thankful for an amazing opportunity and outcome for our weary travelers.

Katharine, Allegra, Hannah, Kevin, Alex, Sawyer, Tyler, Ken, Liz, Nick, and Jennifer have seen and done wonderful things. Their lives will never be the same as a result.

Thanks also go to George Srour and Building Tomorrow for their commitment, diligence, and willingness to do such important work in Uganda. Lives, communities, and the county are being changed through this organization.

Thanks be to God!

Here are some photos of the group as they await the ferry.

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Here are some images of the group and the wildlife found of safari. You judge which is which. 

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Leaving for Murchison Falls

Today our group woke up early to head for an incredible adveture at Murchison Falls. Here they will go on a safari together. By this time tonight, they are actually getting ready to wake up for their second day of safari. 

Here is a picture of the team as they are getting ready to depart from Bugabo. 
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Last Day at Bugabo

Another great day in Bugabo! 

Today, the group got good and dirty. They dug up fill dirt and then backfilled the foundation of the school.  Ken reports that the group not only got dirty but is very tired from a hard day of work. 
Tomorrow, the group leaves Bugabo and heads to Murchison Falls for a safari (oh, and a real shower).

They also got to take their cameras to the worksite today and had pictures taken with the children of the area and John, their work site coordinator. 
As you can see, they are joyful and well. Thank you so much for your prayers for the group. All reports are that this has indeed been a transformative experience. 
Group with John 

Future Building Tomorrow students
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Still Moving Bricks

Bricks, bricks, and more bricks!!

Today the group joined with the community moving bricks that had been delivered for the construction site. The manner in which Building Tomorrow works with the local communities sets them apart as an organization. This was a wonderful example of this meaningful collaboration. 

They also worked at clearing the site in preparation for more building. 
Please continue to pray for our amazing team. They are doing great and meaningful work and being transformed by the relationships they are forging with one another as well as the citizens of Bugabo. 
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Today the group was working to move a pile of handmade bricks from one side of the build site to the other.

These bricks are being used for the foundation of the school building that is being built behind the end of the human brick transport line.

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